Impulse Ink Tattoo and Piercing

Exceptional Body Art

Upscale Tattoo and Piercing studio in Hudson, WI.


Impulse Ink Tattoo was designed to be the premier upscale tattoo and piercing studio in the area. Everything from the indoor pergola and reclaimed barn wood counter to the artwork and decorations were designed to invite the customer into a clean, calming, zen-like atmosphere.  You won’t find walls and walls of flash racks at Impulse Ink Tattoo, that’s just not our thing, but you will find plenty of nice artwork displayed and reference books for you to look through.

Our Goal

Our goal is to offer you the very best body art with the very best customer service in the very best environment.  Whether this is your first tattoo, or your tenth piercing, we want you to have the experience of a lifetime, and we will do all we can to make you want to come back to Impulse Ink for your next tattoo or piercing, and the one after that, and the one after that.


Sterilization and Infection Control are critical to both Impulse Ink Tattoos and our customers. We are a 100% disposable tattoo shop, meaning anything that comes in contact with your skin, or may pose a risk for cross-contamination is used only once, and then disposed properly. This includes all needles, needle bars, ink caps, cups, paper towels, bandages and other material or supplies.  Piercing tools are either single use disposable or used only once, before being sterilized in our state-of-the-art autoclave unit according to our sterilization procedure. All surfaces and equipment will be thoroughly cleaned with a powerful disinfectant after each tattoo or piercing. All sharps and medical waste is handled and disposed of according to our Bio-Medical Waste Operating Procedure. Yes, we take this very seriously, and so should you.




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