Impulse Ink Tattoo and Piercing

Exceptional Body Art

Upscale Tattoo and Piercing studio in Hudson, WI.

House Rules

1. No negotiation of price. You can never win an argument with an Asian woman anyway.

2. Our shop minimum is $60. That will not get you a full back piece.

3. We will not tattoo your privates, inside your lip, or your eyelids. We will not tattoo curse words, offensive or racist symbols.

4. Kids are welcome in the shop; however no running, yelling, climbing on the piano, or crying when they see mom getting poked. Kids need to stay out of the tattoo and piercing areas.

5. Once your tattoo has started, please don't ask us to "add a little something over there", or "as long as you are tattooing my arm, can I get a little heart on my ankle?". These are extras, you need to pay for them.

6. Free touchups within 3 months of getting your tattoo. After 3 months, shop minimum applies. No free touchups on hand, finger, or foot tattoos.

7. Tips are greatly appreciated, and make it hurt less.

8. The artist is super nice 99% of the time. Good luck, and try not to bring out the 1% in her.

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